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Immersive Hazard Identification Training & Assessment Platform

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All About HazID

Helping employees feel confident that they can perform their tasks safely is a key part of any training an organization provides. It's even better if you can help them visualize a variety of scenarios and practice how they will respond.


HazID provides an easy-to-use platform which allows companies to capture and manage 360° content of their own working environments, with pre-built functionality to enrich it for hazard identification learning & assessment purposes. No coding experience required.


Coupled with powerful analytics & reporting, HazID will revolutionise the effectiveness & efficiency of delivery of hazard identification training in your organization.

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How does it work?


Capture 360 Content

Using a standard 360°/VR camera setup, you will be able to capture images or videos of your own environment which contains the relevant hazards.

Cloud-Based Admin Portal

An easy to use administration portal allows you to manage and store all 360° content in your secure HazID Library.


Content can be arranged into individual modules, courses and syllabi.

No coding experience required.

Data Cloud

Enrich with Learning & Assessment Metadata

Once uploaded, the portal enables the contextual tagging of 360° content with text, images, video or audio for instructions and learning.


Questions can also be added for assessment purposes.

Deploy & Train

Completed training and assessment modules are easily deployed to multiple VR headsets, allowing for immediately accessible immersive learning & assessment


Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Proactively mitigate risk through advanced insights into an individual’s knowledge retention

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Why Virtual Reality?

VR helps your organization significantly improve training effectiveness and efficiency

VR provides a fully immersive 3D experience, giving you a sense of really being in the environment you are viewing. Participants gain hands on experience in a safe and controlled virtual environment. Virtual reality allows participants to become completely familiar with the sights and sounds of any environment.

Up to 90% information retention
As compared to traditional training methods which accomplish retention rates of around 20%

Safely relive experiences

VR allows for the practice of any possible work situation as many times as it takes, and safely.

Turn new skills into second nature

By the time participants are faced with a real-life situation, their awareness and abilities to face the challenge have become second nature.

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You're in good company

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HazID solutions can also be implemented and supported through a network of certified Business Partners with extensive product knowledge and vast safety training experience.

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